Support the Launch for Christie’s Law <3

Hey guys please help support the launch for Christie’s law, help spread the word and invite others to support this.

Christie Marceau was murdered on 7th November 2011
The accused had earlier kidnapped and assaulted Christie. Despite strong police and family opposition, the Judge granted the accused bail to live within close proximity to Christies home. Four weeks later the accused entered Christie’s home and stabbed her, Christie died in her Mother’s arms.

Many murders have been committed by offenders on Bail, and we are now demanding action;

• Changes to the Bail Act to prevent similar tragedies.
• To send a very clear message to Judges.

WHERE: Auckland High Court, Waterloo Quadrant.
DATE: Monday 27th February.
TIME: 12 Noon (gathering 11.30am onwards).

If possible please wear a ‘turquoise’ hat or top as this was Christies favourite colour.

For further information go to our website or email
or phone 027 248 7919

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